Citizens’ March: Sat., 8/12 at noon in Kingston

Hello! Here are some notes about today’s march from Callie Jayne of Citizen Action of NY — Susan H.

Good Morning!

Today is the Citizens’ March —

We’ll be kicking it off at 12 noon at Academy Green (238 Clinton Avenue) in Kingston.

This is so important. We need to keep the pressure on our NY-19 Congressman, John Faso, so that he votes against the current proposed budget. That’s right, we need to keep on, keeping on. This fight is far from over!

Not only will we not accept the cuts to health care, education, housing, and everything else we care about; we are demanding more. We are demanding a moral budget, one that works for all of us, not just for the super-rich. It is possible, but we need to fight! 

I’m amazed by the community support – over 30 organizations have endorsed the march, and it’s going to be big! We’ll hear great music from Hudson Valley’s Tin Horn Uprising, inspiring words from local organizers who are deep in the fight, and some of our coalition partners at The Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools as they kick off a National Campaign to demand fully-funded schools!

I’m looking forward to seeing you!

In Solidarity, Callie