12/3: AAUW & SSIP NYC Bus Trip – RSVP Today!

Saturday. December 3

Bus trip to an NYC Museum! Choose one:

  1. Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Jerusalem 1000-1400: Every People Under Heaven
    Fragonard: Drawing Triumphant
    Max Beckmann in New York City
    The Christmas Tree and Neapolitan Baroque Crèche

2. The Museum of Art and Design
featuring the special exhibit
Bags Upon Bags Upon Bags Upon Bags

Since the mid-2000s, Josh Blackwell has salvaged discarded plastic bags from city streets, kitchen cupboards, trunks of cars, and everywhere in between to use as “substrate and armature” for his unlikely combinations of colorful wool yarn, silk thread, and patterned cloth. Trained as a painter, Blackwell considers every embellishment applied and every embroidery stitch sewn into the surface of his plastic bags to be proxies for painterly mark-making. Additive and expressive, Blackwell’s interventions into and upon the form of the plastic bag-a globally ubiquitous symbol of capitalist waste-cohere into gorgeous, geometrically abstract compositions that intermix color, texture, and pattern.

— with a stop at Trader Joe’s on the return!

Cost: $59 ($56 for members of AAUW, SIP, and SSIP)
includes bus, driver tip, and one museum entrance
For the bus alone: $40 (Ask about our cancellation policy.)

The bus leaves the Kingston Plaza (behind the former Ames)
at 8:30 AM, picks up at New Paltz Thruway Park & Ride at 9 AM,
and returns at about 6 PM.

For reservations, call ViVi at 845-331-0155 or write vvhlavsa@aol.com,
then make out a check to AAUW Kingston and send it to:

Susan Hirsch, 30 Stephan Road, Kingston, NY 12401

Open to all, the AAUW supports educational opportunities for women and girls locally, nationally and internationally. SSIP helps people to stay in their own homes and keep active in their own communities. Ask for more information with your reservation.